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Cohesity DataProtect

Simplify and accelerate backup and recovery of enterprise workloads across on-premises and cloud with a secured unified platform for data resilience.

Data Protect


Backup Recovery

Comprehensive protection

The most comprehensive backup and recovery solution to protect cloud-native, SaaS, and on-prem data at scale. Simplify data sources across the enterprise and workloads.

Simplify and Protect

Simplify and protect enterprise data at scale

Unify operations with integrated solutions under a single management platform offering multilayered security architecture, API-first extensibility for turnkey backup and recovery, and immutable snapshots.

Lower Data Management

Lower data management costs

Reduce total cost of ownership by consolidating enterprise data protection with unlimited scale, minimizing overhead and dramatically decreasing data storage costs across on-prem, cloud-native, and SaaS workloads.

Improve RTO/RPO

Improve RTO/RPO to meet business SLAs

Recover data in minutes not hours—at scale and with fully hydrated snapshots, continuous data protection (CDP), and flexibility to exceed SLAs.


Get unlimited scale for your enterprise data across on-prem, edge, and cloud locations with an end-to-end backup and recovery solution.

Compliance and Protection Coverage
Single management platform

Single management platform

Unify operations with integrated solutions for backup, CDP, DR, search, ransomware attack detection, and vulnerability scanning into a single scalable environment. Eliminate silos while reducing data protection costs by 70 percent or more.


API-first extensibility

Derive business insights with the Cohesity Marketplace partner ecosystem. Streamline operations and easily integrate on-prem and cloud environments with pre-built automated workflows and API integrations.

Immutable snapshots

Immutable snapshots

Store backed-up data in its secured file system in immutable snapshots that can’t be directly accessed or mounted from outside the Cohesity cluster.

Globally search and instantly recover:

Reduce recovery point objectives to minutes by eliminating slow, chain-based backups.

Rapid recovery points

Dramatically reduce recovery time with unlimited and fully hydrated snapshots, without impacting performance.

Fast global search

Unlock insights with unique global actionable search across all workloads and locations from a single UI.

Instant mass restore

Recover VMs, files, and application objects instantly. Speed up large file recovery with MegaFile.

Globally Search

Enterprise-class performance and security:

Get the fastest backup and recovery to protect against ransomware and meet your demanding SLAs.

Threats Discovered
Security architecture

Multilayered security architecture

Minimize the risk your backups become a ransomware target, thanks to Zero Trust Security, including granular RBAC, MFA, SSO, immutable snapshots, ML-based ransomware attack detection, and more.

Fast recovery

Ensure fast recovery points and near instantaneous recovery times

Achieve near-instant recovery time objectives (RTOs) for Oracle databases of any size, to any point in time and location. allowing for business continuity of operations and nondisruptive data migration.

Data resiliency

Data resiliency at scale

Achieve higher data resiliency with strict consistency, immutable snapshots, and FIPS certification to help protect your data against ransomware and modern cyber threats.

Delivered the way you want:

Get your choice of Cohesity-, partner-, or customer-managed options.

Delivered the way you want

Backup as a service

Backup as a service

If it’s SaaS you want, we got it

Software subscription

Software subscription

Run in public clouds and on-prem on certified platforms.

Service provider managed

Data resiliency at scale

Let your Cohesity-Powered service provider manage on your behalf.

Commonly asked data protection software questions:

A data protection software/solution is a program designed to safeguard sensitive or confidential information from unauthorized access, theft, or loss. It’s designed to ensure data integrity and availability and can include a range of features such as encryption, access control, and monitoring and detecting data manipulation.

Continuous data protection (CDP) is a data backup and recovery technique that involves creating real-time copies of data as it’s being created or modified. Unlike traditional backup methods, which typically involve scheduled backups at set intervals, CDP captures every change to data, providing a much more comprehensive and up-to-date backup solution.

Data protection is important because it helps ensure the privacy, security, and availability of critical information, which is essential for the success of businesses.