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Cohesity Data Protection
Backup and Recovery - Unify Fragmented Data Protection with Cohesity Protection for VMware

Cohesity Data Protection

Complex and Expensive Data Protection Solutions Result in Multiple Infrastructure Silos and Copies of Data

Enterprises are faced with critical challenges when it comes to protecting and managing their data. Faced with explosive data growth and increased data protection policies and compliance regulations, organizations have oftentimes had to invest in multiple solutions to address their backup, archiving, and secondary storage needs.

Traditionally, enterprises have invested in different tiers of secondary storage solutions to work in conjunction with their data management and protection software. These storage solutions are often passive in nature, becoming expensive insurance policies that sit idle until a restore request is received.

In addition, these storage solutions are not typically distributed in nature, unlike what is seen in the primary storage space with scale-out solutions, which leads to expensive data migrations, forklift upgrades, and complex capacity planning practices to accommodate future growth. In addition to the complexities associated with managing independent hardware and software solutions, data protection software and secondary storage solutions often have different procurement methods and licensing terms, making it extremely difficult for organizations to budget and procure.

Key Benefits

Seamlessly Protect and Manage Data with the Cohesity Data Platform

The Cohesity Data Platform consolidates data protection, management, and web-scale storage onto a unified platform. Cohesity’s native data protection software enables businesses to easily protect data for their VMware environments without any capacity-based licenses, dramatically reducing cost and complexity for businesses.

The Cohesity Protection software, which is part of the Cohesity OASIS (Open Architecture for Scalable, Intelligent Storage), is an end-to-end data protection solution for virtual infrastructure with complete VMware vCenter integration. By simply entering vCenter credentials, businesses can instantly see a full index their virtual environment and choose the virtual machines they would like to protect. These virtual machines can then be protected with easy-to-use protection profiles that can be customized based on SLA, retention period, or application group.

Cohesity Protection leverages available VMware APIs for Data Protection (VADP), eliminating the need to install in-guest agents across the virtualized infrastructure. Easy integration with the VMware ecosystem provides a plug-and-play experience for virtualization admins and significantly reduces the complexity of providing an insurance policy for your data.

Dramatically Slash RPOs and RTOs with Cohesity’s SnapTree technology

Cohesity OASIS delivers unparalleled data protection capabilities with its patented snapshotting methodology, SnapTree. SnapTree allows businesses to take an infinite number of snapshots, at any time interval, with uncapped retention policies, without ever affecting performance or consuming additional space. This enables businesses to define very granular Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs), even in minutes, adapting to business needs. SnapTree’s unique capabilities are derived from Cohesity’s fixed-depth, tree-like data structure. Unlike the link-chain method of legacy snapshots, the SnapTree data structure eliminates the need to search every snapshot for the requested bit of data, enabling the rapid retrieval of a particular virtual machine or file at a given point in time.

With SnapTree-based VMware backups, virtual machines can be recovered instantly and served from directly from Cohesity’s distributed NFS datastore, dramatically reducing a business’ Recovery Time Objective (RTO). These VMs can either be served directly from the Cohesity Data Platform or moved to production storage with Cohesity’s built-in Storage vMotion orchestration.

Curb Explosive Data Growth with the Efficiency of Global Data Deduplication

Cohesity’s web-scale architecture was built from the ground up to deliver unparalleled data efficiency across an entire Cluster. With Cohesity’s global, policy-driven data deduplication, businesses can choose their desired deduplication policy, whether in-line, post-process, or no deduplication, for their given workloads. These deduplication policies work in line with concurrent workloads, including data protection policies, to ensure that every bit of free space is saved from the Cluster, while still ensuring backups are readily available for instant recovery. The efficiency of Cohesity’s variable-length deduplication is shared across all Nodes in a Cluster, helping reduce the data footprint across the enterprise.

Intelligent Data Protection with the Cohesity Indexing Engine

Cohesity delivers intelligent data protection for virtual environments with its fully distributed Indexing Engine. This Indexing Engine is used to rapidly index the an entire vCenter cluster and all its associated metadata, enabling businesses to gain an instantaneous dashboard view of their virtual environment. As virtual machines are protected, Cohesity’s Indexing Engine cracks open the underlying files and indexes the metadata, enabling extremely fast, Google-like wild-card search results used for instantaneous restores. As organizations scale-out, this Indexing Engine spans across all Nodes in the Cluster, leveraging the aggregate power of all CPUs and available memory to rapidly recover files or virtual machines.

Recover Instantly, Without the Wait

Backups are useless if they can’t be recovered quickly. That’s why Cohesity Protection provides instantaneous recovery of backups from not only a virtual machine level, but a file level as well. Powered by the exact same technology that drives the protection engine, restoring a virtual machine is as easy as taking another snapshot from restore point and powering it on. This restored virtual machine can run directly off the Cohesity Data Platform, or migrate directly back to primary storage using VMware’s Storage vMotion. Enabling the workload to run off the Cohesity Data Platform provides a Recovery Time Objective of near zero.

With Cohesity Protection running on top of OASIS, recoveries can be made in whole at any level of the vCenter hierarchy. From a single virtual machine, to all virtual machines managed by a single vCenter, all the protected assets can be recovered instantly, and redirected to the most appropriate storage platform.

Consolidate Secondary Storage with the Cohesity Data Platform

With the Cohesity Data Platform, organizations have the flexibility to choose how they want their data protected, managed, and stored. Whether using Cohesity’s native data protection capabilities for virtual environments or leveraging its highly efficient, web-scale storage capabilities in conjunction with third-party data protection software, organizations benefit from complete secondary storage consolidation.


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