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Recovering from a Data Disaster with Cohesity
Posted: Fri Jul 10, 2020 09:48:05 AM

By Theresa Miller July 10, 2020

Data disaster planning is an enterprise initiative that can stall quickly. In my experience these projects often become sidelined due to budgets, team time constraints, or struggles with managing long-term testing and upkeep of infrastructure. Being ready for any data disaster is not a project to sideline. Enterprise risk due to ransomware, natural disaster, power outages, and mass system failure do happen. Without a solution that can help with recovery in place, your enterprise is left vulnerable. Today lets briefly cover an enterprise disaster situation, and then quickly shift over to Cohesity solutions that can be leveraged to meet your needs simply.

Its 3am, You Are On-Call and the Phone Rings!

On-call for your team, awoken from your slumber as the phone rings its time to quickly shift into work mode. Thankfully no one is in the office at this time, because there is a fire alarm going off and it is being investigated. The request made to the person on-call is to be prepared to invoke the data disaster plan; which only involves critical applications. They are also to hold until the full situation is understood, just be ready.

This is a tough situation to be in as the advanced planning only accounts for critical applications, so any data missing should the disaster plan be invoked could mean costly downtime to the business.

Recovering from a Disaster

No one ever imagines that a disaster situation will occur, but having a plan is imperative. The ability for a business to recover from a data disaster can make or break the future success of the business. Lets take a look at a few ways how Cohesity can help by just starting with your ability to engage is the core business activity of backing up your data and knowing what your expected disaster recovery failover SLAs will need to be.

  • Cohesity CloudSpin In conjunction with your backups, our solution can replicate your backup data, convert your on-premises VM to the cloud providers format (Azure or AWS). The VM will be ready whenever you need it and can be online in a matter of minutes depending on the size of VM this can vary. This option can be used for disaster recovery and/or for migration to the cloud.

    If an automated disaster recovery process is important to your enterprise then Cohesity Runbook with Cohesity CloudSpin should be in your toolkit. Runbook will help you visually orchestrate your disaster recovery workflows. Specifically, for enabling better disaster recovery testing when working with both VMware vSphere to vSphere in another location, or if you are looking to initiate a DR failover to AWS Cloud.

  • Cohesity CloudArchive Many enterprises archive their systems for security and compliance retention of data. With Cohesity not only do we archive the data, we capture the metadata as well. This means that recovery can occur by simply rebuilding an entire Cohesity cluster in your disaster location off-site or in the cloud leveraging the metadata. These archived systems and their data can be used to recover from a data disaster.
  • Cohesity DataPlatform In the scenario where a data disaster that occurs involves a single system or several systems become unavailable, if your workloads have a successful backup Cohesity DataPlatform can recover them in minutes. This is possible due to our Cohesity SnapTree Technology which has a significant impact on Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs). Also, our Instant Mass Restore capabilities for the mass recovery of multiple systems can also have the same outcomes and allow for 100s of server recoveries at a time.

Be Ready

Being prepared and ready for any data disaster situation is important, and no enterprise wants to be in a situation of taking on data loss. Cohesity has several options to be able to help your enterprise come back online from any disaster regardless of impact, no matter your budget or recovery time objectives.

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